AceQL.Client.Api Namespace
AceQL.Client.Api.Metadata Namespace
AceQL HTTP C# Client SDK v6.0

AceQL.Client.Api Namespace


  Class Description
Public class AceQLCommand
Represents a SQL statement to execute against a remote SQL database.
Public class AceQLConnection
Class AceQLConnection. Allows to create a database connection to the remote server.
Public class AceQLCredential
AceQLCredential provides a more secure way than using a connection string to specify the username, password or Session ID for a login attempt.

Note that this version does not encrypt the password. This could and should be done in a future version.

Public class AceQLDataReader
Class AceQLDataReader. Provides a way of reading a forward-only stream of rows from a remote database transferred in a local filePath.

Note that all data of the stream are already downloaded when AceQLDataReader is created.

Public class AceQLException
Class AceQLException. All client and server side exceptions raised are wrapped in an AceQLException.
Public class AceQLNullValue
Allows to pass a null value as parameter for remote SQL execution.
Public class AceQLParameter
Represents a parameter to an AceQLCommand.
Public class AceQLParameterCollection
Represents a collection of parameters associated with an AceQLCommand and their respective mappings to columns.
Public class AceQLProgressIndicator
AceQLProgressIndicator Class. Allows to get the percentage progress between 0 and 100 for Blob/Clob upload.
Public class AceQLTransaction
Class AceQLTransaction. Allows to define a Transaction in order to execute remote commit or rollback.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration AceQLNullType
Specifies the SQL type to pass to the server when setting a value to NULL with AceQLParameter.
Public enumeration CommandType
Specifies how a command string is interpreted.
Public enumeration IsolationLevel
Specifies the transaction locking behavior for the remote connection.
Public enumeration ParameterDirection
Specifies the type of a parameter within a query.